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Background is the brain child of Sam Taylor and Joe K. Johnston. Sam hails from London and Joe from Toronto in Canada. They both said goodbye to their home countries - Sam in 2002 and Joe in 2004 - to travel around South East Asia. They loved the area so much that it was a no-brainer to try and find work in the Big Mango.

Joe and Sam have tried their hands at various occupations including teaching English, working for property developers, bar work and playing in bands. They've experienced both the high life with good disposable salaries (hence the knowledge of bars and nightspots) and the low life struggling to get by on a few hundred Baht a day.

The Brain Child

Determined to not let their collective knowledge of Bangkok go to waste, Sam and Joe decided to write a series of websites about the city, each covering a useful topic. The first website was The one you are reading is the second site. Our latest offering is


It is key that each website has something unique to offer. The Bangkok series gives:

  • Comprehensive and correct information
  • Covers areas not dealt with in-depth before
  • Reveals the best the city has to offer
  • Offers niche resources

Sukhumvit Guide

For all its faults, Sukhumvit is a great part of Bangkok to stay in. It can be easy to judge the place by its go go bars and dirty DVDs sold on the street, but it is also the best place to go out in Bangkok for a meal and a drink. Sukhumvit hosts the best nightclubs in Bangkok. It also has some of the best shopping malls in Bangkok. Added to this, Sukhumvit has a great range of hotels to stay in, many of which are special in themselves. Bearing this in mind, we decided the aims of Sukhumvit Guide are:

  • Create a site based around the different areas of Sukhumvit
  • Provide a comprehensive guide to Sukhumvit
  • Make a site that is easy to navigate and that the visitor can quickly find the information he or she is looking for
  • Make recommendations based on experience of good places to stay, eat and drink
  • Provide maps to help people navigate the different areas of Sukhumvit
  • Keep an updated site and blog to give the latest information on Sukhumvit


If you want to make a comment, ask a question or make a suggestion then please contact Sam and Joe at


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