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Soi 31 to 51 attractions

Soi 31 to 51 Guide

This up and coming area is not a particularly popular place for tourists to stay. It is a bit spread-out with no great concentration of bars and restaurants. But on the plus side there are lots of cheap hotels, and some good bars and restaurants if you know where to look. Soi 49 is a yuppy enclave with a street full of bars, cafes, restaurants and art galleries. Soi 33 is a bit like Soi Cowboy, but without the go-go bars. On this street we recommend going to the London Brew Pub or The Office. A recent addition to the social scene is the Rainhill Shopping Centre on Soi 47. This mall is worth a visit for the bohemian architecture alone. The nightlife here is pretty happening as well. Quite a few of the commercial units have been used for innovative restaurant start-ups. The restaurant scene is fast evolving at the Rainhill Shopping Centre and it attracts a hip young crowd throughout the week seeking out the latest restaurant opening party. If Hi-So ('high society' in Bangkok parlance) culture is your thing, then this may be a good place for you to check out. Bring your cocktail dress or shiny shirts.

  • Soi 47: Rainhill Mall - Glamorous new shopping mall with designer shops, upmarket bars and restaurants.
  • Soi 49: Soi Klang Racquet Club - badmington, tennis, squash and racquet ball.
British Pubs
Soi 33: Tenderloins Soi 33: Londoner Brew Pub Soi 39: Atelier Pichitra
Bangkok Hotel Lotus
Hotel Lotus
Soi 33
4.5 Star
from $90
Read more
Has set lunch deals and happy hour Draught beers and live sports. Popular Shop by leading Thai fashion designer
from 4pm to 7pm. Shows live sports. with ex-pat community Soi 49: Noriko Stylish and colorful Thai clothes and
  Soi 33. The Royal Oak handbags.
  English pub with gastro slant  
Sports Bar
Soi 31
Soi 39: L'Opera Soi 33: The Office Soi 49:Akko Art Gallery Seven Hotel from $70
Toscany kitchen and good wine choice Happy hour from 3.30pm to 9pm. Has Thai contemporary paintings for sale Himalaya Residence from $22 pub grub and draught beers. Euro Grande Apartments from $68
Soi 49: Il Tartufo CLOSED Soi 49: The Picture Gallery S31 Sukhumvit Hotel from $87
Soi 49: La Bottega di Luca Soi 33: The Robin Hood Local and international art and Amora NeoLuxe Suites from $50
small and cosy with outside veranda English pub with lots of live sports photography Wow Bangkok Hotel from $48
Soi 31: Bell Napoli on TV   Aspira Davinci Sukhumvit 31 $27
Thin crispy pizzas Naples style.     Suites 31 Sukhumvit from $27
Soi 31: Antonio's Italian     August Residence from $41
High end dining in modernist building      
Special is homemade ravioli with      
porcini mushtooms and truffle sauce    
Music Bars
Soi 33
Soi49: Kanom Fashion Bakery Soi 33: Lips 33 Soi 31: Bangkok Oasis Spa Nandha Hotel from $41
Soi 31: Mousses and Meringues Music, Thai girls and plenty of beer A peaceful small spa with massage, Bangkok Hotel Lotus from $55
Great meringues as well as cakes, pies   hydrotherapy and other treatments Dubliner Place from $43
and cookies. Cafe CNC Residence from $88
    Soi 31: The Eugenia Spa Bless Residence from $54
    Part of Eugenia Hotel. Does massage, Oceans@Livingstones Hotel $30
    aromatherapy and scrubs. S33 Compact Hotel $41 Beverly 33 by Aspira from $47
Wine Bars
Beauty Salons
Soi 35
  Soi 39: Lake House Soi 39: Kae Kai Pridi Hostel from $28
  Restaurant and wine bar in converted Beauty salon that specialises in nails  
  Thai house. and hair  
  Soi 49: Wine O'Clock    
  Italian style tapas and good table    
  wines. Large place that is better at    
  the weekend.    
Soi 39
Soi 31: Himali Cha Cha & Son Soi 33: Mojos Soi 49: Soi Klang Racquet Club 39 Living from $44
Long running and recommended Indian Open 16.30 to 2.30. Lively bar Fitness centre, pool, courts, futsal, Orchid View Apartments $180
restaurant. with Thai coyote band and dancers golf simulator, rock climbing. Piyathip Place from $182 Nantra Sukhumvit 39 Hotel $26
      The Romn Villa from $111
  Palms@Sukhumvit Hotel from $35
Beer Halls
Soi 41
Soi 31: Ambience Bangkok Soi 33: Barfly Soi 37: Rainhill Shopping Centre Chic Phrompong from $110
Hi so crowd; contemporary Thai food Beer hall with a team of Thai girls. Trendy lifestyle mall with shops, Adelphi Grande Hotel from $85
at reasonable prices Has pub grub and live sports restaurants and bars 41 Suite Bangkok Hotel from $38
Soi 35: Gedhawa      
Recommended restaurant serving      
Chiang Mai influenced food      
Irish Pubs
Soi 45
Soi 31: Isao Soi 33: The Dubliner Cabochon Hotel from $134
Stylish restaurant specializing in Live music, pub grub and live sports  
fusion sushi dishes all with Irish hospitality CLOSED  
Soi 35: Kassen  
New Japanese restaurant  
Soi 31: JP French Restaurant Soi 39: Haruka Japanese Club  
Good value set meals featuring classic Japanese style karaoke rooms with  
French dishes. large song choice    
Soi 31: Chapter 31    
Small cafe with garden serving    
seabass, spicy salad and various    
dishes from around the world    
Soi 33: Bistro 33    
Fine wines and bistro food    
Health Food
Soi 39: Sustania Restaurant    
Restaurant and shop linked to organic
farm promoting healthy ingredients
Soi 39: Coca Suki
Chinese restaurant with extensive
 TenderloinsTenderloinsL'OperaL'OperaIl TartufoIl TartufoLa Bottega di LucaLa Bottega di LucaFat Fish RestaurantFat Fish RestaurantLondoner Brew PubLondoner Brew PubThe OfficeThe OfficeThe Lake HouseLake HouseWine O'ClockWine O'Clock Wow Hotel
At Home PlaceAmora NeoLuxe Suites Coca Suki Restaurant Dubliner Place Atelier Pichitra Rainhill Plaza Sustainia

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